Sayang Abah

yes. 3rd november is coming closer and closer. yet, i still thinking of what i have done when i was a small kid. my father used to give me love. i was pampered with care and love, more than what a courier man always do with fragile matter. as i still remember, it was the day when i was 6-years-old boy. my dad knows that i am keen of football. it was about 4 am in the morning. i was not sure whether i was awakened due to reasons, but the light emitted from the Toshiba TV (if i’m not mistaken) struck my eyes, made me awake after all. “Bola. Bola.” i still remembered the words splashed from Abah’s mouth. it was the World Cup 1998 Final Match, between France vs Brazil.

it was another day. as far i remembered, i was too sleepy that time. it was about 11 at night. i was not able to open my book to finish my homework. it was Maths. then, i asked Abah to finish my HW. how dare was I that time. 😀 the next morning, when i woke up, the homework was already done. got done by Abah. before going to school, i always used to ask for money for daily expenditures (seldomly asked, my Ma worked at the canteen at the time. 😀 )

i was 11-years-old that year. that day, i got quarreled with my brother. and as usual, it would end up with little fighting, and my tears would welled in my eyes. after the fight, i went alone in my Sis’ room. went there alone for further crying. then, i heard someone’s was knocking the door. the door was slowly opened. it was Abah. he was holding Chopper Motorcycle figure as a gift for me from Penang. i knew, i was not used to play that figure as I was 11. but, the way you presented it gave me thousands priceless and valuable meanings. action acts more than words right? again. thanks Abah.

that time, i was lying on the bed, in the Taiping Hospital with my left hand plastered. the time was like hell, really. i was really fond of going home, miss you Abah and Ma but i was not used to do so. may u come and see me? yes, the day to leave the ward has come. i went to hostel like i was an alien, as my brothers used to stare at the plastered hand. the next day, i was at the hostel, not going to the class. still mentally collapse and down. out of the blue, i heard steps of man approaching me, through the wooden stairs. yes, again, he was Abah. today, Abah used to fetch me to go home. no more pain, and no more tears, perhaps.

i still remember the story of the rambutan tree in front our house. my eldest brother told me;
“Tahu tak sapa yang tanam pokok rambutan ni?” Then, i just shook my head, signing for “No” answer. Abe continued, “Abah yang tanam. Masa tu, abah dah agak berusia. Masa abah tanam tu, ada kawan abah mai depan rumah pastu kata,”Buat apa nak tanam pokok-pokok ni?”Dengan nada menegur*mungkin*. Abah pun jawab, “Takpa lah. Tanam ni pun untuk anak cucu nak main, nak buat berteduh nanti-nanti.””
The time my brother was telling me the story, I was watching my nephew and niece were playing happily under the rambutan tree. Yet, Abah still telling true.

and now, while i am writing this 101th post, my father is now sleeping silently. i just want to say, I LOVE YOU ABAH. 🙂 i really missed the childhood time. i want to be on the EX5 ride with Abah. went to Kedai Pak Ngah Harun, to slurp hot tea on the saucer, to hug you like what you deserve it. i believe i would not and could not find any other father like you in the world. yes, you were given great children, and i don’t expect to grow my child like what you did, Abah. i know you have sacrificed a lot for us, for our family. you have traveled to the whole country, staying up at late night, going for JPA3 standby, just to feed us, my family and me.

3rd November is coming. Selamat Hari Lahir untuk Abah yang ke 56. Sayang Abah sangat2. 😉

*can’t keep writing. it’s like my tears are welling up and prepare to fall down


6 thoughts on “Sayang Abah

  1. never hold ur tears as it may burst inside lagi parah.never feel that when u grown-up u cant do childhood thingy.apesalahnye pluk abah anda.hee~~
    n miey x malu ntok ckp,i still be in my dad’s armpit when he’s sleeping.we still their little one until forever..

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