Be Tough

Life is not as easy as we thought. We can predict what will happen in next few seconds, but we can’t ever guarantee what would exactly happen for it. We as mankind, being created by Allah to be the best creatures among the best. Until the last day the world exists, we will always be a kind of creature. We never evolve to be the second God. Allah did not create any other God to company Him to guide, as He never and ever need anybody or anything.

Like a film, the script was well-written before the action taking place. Whatever we undergone, they were already written prior our existence. All we need to conform is, we are slaves, and Allah is God. Never try to argue why you did not gain this and that, even though everybody knows that you worked very hard. All we get are rewards for what we did, and might also come as tests. Patience, motivation, determination, faithfulness. All these aspects do consider on how deep we trust Him.

Never say, God do not love us. Love Him, as what he deserved.


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