Finally :’)

It has been a few weeks away, when I was wandering to place myself into a university I would dangling in. Some may know that I would pursue Medicine in Egypt, while some others would say I would be going to Monash for Biomedical Science and the rest of it might knowing me not going anywhere. Hehs. *Chuckles a bit.

Okay, they might be some rumor which I admit, I told to certain people at different time and in different situation. But here, I just want to clarify, I will be going to IMU for Biomedical Science on this historical Monday. The course duration is 3 years for undergraduate.

Here comes the other interesting part of Medicine, Health Science and its allied field. Most people know what is a doctor, what a doctor does, how a doctor works and some pretty stuff about doctor and being a doctor. In spite of it, people also would be dummies as they would not know what is biomedical science, what is the difference between biotechnology and biomedical science, does chiropractic field exists, what to do with bioinformatics and nutrition etc.

All of these questions were really opened my eyes and proved that the field of Medicine does not only consists of crews doctors and nurses. There would be no medicinal institutions if these jobs namely biomedical scientists, medical engineers, histologist, phlebotomist etc were not exist. Surely, a big NO.

Anything else? That’s all for now.

See ya later. Assalamualaikum.

Nota kaki:

1. Akan ke Kemaman esok hari. Doakan semuanya selamat.
2. Looking for a cheap, nice-looking footwear. Any suggestions?


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